Tania James is the author of the short story collection Aerogrammes, the novel Atlas of Unknowns, and the forthcoming novel The Tusk That Did the Damage (Knopf, March 2015.) She lives in Washington, DC.

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A bravura collection of short stories set in locales as varied as London, Sierra Leone, and the American Midwest.

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“By turns rib-shakingly funny and poignant, pinwheeling and wise, these stories are always devastatingly candid when it comes to their central preoccupations: exile and identity, the fault lines inside a family, grief and love…

Proof that the short story is joyfully, promiscuously, thrillingly alive.”

Karen Russell

Atlas of Unknowns

An utterly irresistible first novel: The story of two sisters, the yearning to disappear into another country, and the powerful desire to return to the known world.

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“Tania James comes at you like everyone you’ve ever cared about, like everyone you’ve ever lost.

Wise and hilarious, her Atlas is an astonishment of a debut, so radiant with life, with love, with good old human struggle that I had trouble detaching myself from its pages…Atlas is that damned good.”

Junot Diaz

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